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13.3'' Embedded Touchscreen Industrial Panel PC

13.3'' Embedded Touchscreen Industrial Panel PC

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Industrial-grade appearance with a fully enclosed aluminum back cover, embedded panel, sturdy construction, and an overall thickness of about 56.5mm;

◆ Made of die-cast aluminum alloy with a tempered glass surface;
◆ Features an industrial-grade 4:3 aspect ratio design with a resolution of 1024*768;
◆ Equipped with a capacitive G+G touchscreen, supporting 10-point touch with high precision and rapid response, optional resistive touchscreen available;
◆ Fanless design, dustproof, shockproof, and silent operation;
◆ Onboard embedded low-power X86 processors such as 6/7/11/12/13 generations;
◆ Customizable with different CPU models to meet customer requirements, optional touchscreen solutions;
◆ Supports installation of 2.5-inch hard drive or M.2 KeyM solid-state drive;
◆ Comes standard with 2 COM ports (optional 6 COM ports), 2 Ethernet ports;
◆ Equipped with 2 USB 3.0 ports as standard;
◆ DC12V direct current input, expandable to a wide voltage input range of 9~36V;
◆ Low overall power consumption, excellent performance, strong environmental adaptability;
◆ Widely applicable in industrial fields such as machine vision, highway lane control, mechanical testing equipment, intelligent transportation, smart factories, intelligent power control, CNC equipment manufacturing, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical equipment, wind power monitoring, tire vulcanization, industrial automation control, and other industrial on-site applications.

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